Credit Plus Manager

Campany CHAMROEUN Microfinance Plc.
Phone 070 960 666
Adress #425,St.271, Sangkat Tuol Tumpung Ti2, Khan Chamkar Mon, Phom Peng, Cambodia

Level Bachelor Degree Term Full Time
Hiring 1 Sex Male
Salary ($) Age
Type Permanent Location phnom penh
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Publish date 19-Sep-2019 Close Date 30-Oct-2019

I Overall Management and Supervision
• Work closely with Head of Credit Plus in setting the annual plan, budget, and strategies for the department and each staff under supervision;
• Work closely with Head of Credit Plus to Regularly review Credit Plus operation performance against planning, budget, and set performance standards and take timely corrective actions as necessary;
• Support the Head of Credit Plus in research and development as well as monitoring and evaluation activities linked to product and service diversification, improvement, impact assessments, etc.
• Be responsible for routine execution of the departmental assignments in compliance with Chamroeun’s and Credit Plus policies, procedures, guidelines, instructions, and performance standards;
• Participate to the General Management Team meeting and Branch Management Team as well as perform regular Credit Plus Team meetings to review and reflect the level of achievements, identify implementation gaps and problems and challenges encountered, and come up with possible initiatives to address such gaps identified and other encountered challenges and problems;
• Ensure effective communication between the Credit Plus team:
a) In the branches and the Head Office;
b) In the branches and other branch staff;
c) And other departments generally.
• Manage Credit Plus resources (finance, time, and human resources) in coordination with Head of Credit Plus in an effective and efficient manner;
• Implement and provide feedback on the Credit Plus department internal control systems to manage the associated and potential risks;
• Take all necessary actions to continuously improve fraud prevention and detection;
• Ensure good, fair and responsible practices during all process of the customer relation. This includes professional communication and management towards representatives from institutional partner organizations, field agent in the communities, Chamroeun’s partners, etc...

II Credit Plus Operation Management
• Loan Management
• Be responsible for all loans made by the department; ensure that all processes and procedures are fully followed and that all loan documents are accurately completed;
• Be responsible for formulating the consolidated plans regarding loan disbursement, loan collection, PAR, and written-off recovery;
• Support the team in loan origination processes, where relevant, including identification of potential borrowers (corporate and private), promotional activities, and support to Loan Applications.
• Conduct Loan Quality Checks, regular field monitoring visits to the branches and spot checks to ensure effective operational execution and compliance to Credit Plus policies and procedures;
• Approve loans, participate to Loan Committees (physically or remotely) and sign related documentations (loan contracts, term sheet etc.);
• Be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the progress of overall Credit Plus operational performance and by staff such as trends of active borrowers, gross loan portfolio, loan disbursement, loan products, status of cross-financing and PAR and regularly conduct the analysis on results to see if corrective actions are needed to fully achieve the annual targets;
• Conduct loan performance analysis, formulate appropriate plans toward effectiveness and efficiency of staff and department, and propose processes for reengineering as necessary;
• Provide constructive feedbacks to the Head of Credit Plus on related policies, procedures, and forms for ongoing development;
• Support Services
• In coordination with Head of Credit Plus elaborate and execute the implementation plan relative to Credit Plus support services. Those services can include but are not limited to financial literacy, business development training and/or coaching, skills training, agricultural trainings and others. This can include services delivered both in-house and outsourced.
• Ensure the ongoing promotion, training and capacity of Credit Plus field staff to deliver the Credit Plus range of training services and tools.
• Monitor the progress towards implementation of the support services targets, at both the individual staff and department levels. Take adjustment measures where necessary
• Monitor the quality of services being delivered and ensure buy-in and relevance of these services for the end-users.
• Cash Management and Accounting Practices and Records
• Ensure that prudent cash management practices are followed in line with Chamroeun’s finance and accounting policies and procedures;
• Review and approve all expenses related to the Credit Plus team in the branches in accordance with the finance and accounting policies and procedures;
• IT and MIS
• Be responsible for monitoring the data entries and consolidations at the Credit Plus operations level in timeliness, accuracy, and completeness;
• Regularly monitor reports issued by the information system to minimize risks linked to deliberate or unintentional errors / manipulation;
• Human Resource Management
• Participate in Credit+ staff recruitment including developing job descriptions and person specifications, promotion, interviews, onboarding, and induction (JDs, KPIs, POAs, etc.).
• Be responsible for providing on the job training and capacity building to staff, to ensure continued alignment to qualitative and quantitative targets set.
• Support in managing staff resignations, processing thereof, and transfer of tasks as relevant.
• Determine KPIs and develop POAs for staff. Carry out performance evaluations (for both probation periods and annually) and participate to the staff’s continued personal and professional development. Ensure full compliance to HR policies and procedures and other relevant guidelines and instructions such as uniform guidelines, code of conduct and code of ethics;
• Administrative Management
• Ensure compliance with policies, procedures and guidelines by Loan Officer Plus regarding the safety of loan files, collateral, other supporting documents, stocks and inventories related to Credit Plus within the network of branches;
• Be responsible to approve all daily, weekly and monthly transactions in relation to field staff team expenses and allowances following Credit Plus policies, procedures and guidelines;
III Business Development
• Support the Head of Credit Plus in developing new business and technical partnerships in line with departmental strategies;
• Perform effective communication and relationship with business partners;
• Respond to business partners and stakeholders as regards ongoing communication, reporting, managing issues encountered, etc. in a timely, comprehensive and professional manner;
IV Other Assignments:
• Work closely with Head of Credit Plus Legal Department in coordinating legal actions relative to loan delinquency as in the responsible branch;
• Work closely with the Risk Department to ensure risks are effectively identified, monitored, and addressed, as they are identified and/or realized.
• Ensure that all required reports on daily, monthly, weekly, quarterly, and annual basis are accurately prepared and in a timely manner;
• Ensure good cooperation with internal and external inspections and audits, including sufficient and timely supply of required data and documents as well as facilitating partners’ home and business visits;
• Ensure timely response and implementation of mitigating actions related to key findings of internal and external inspections and audits;

- Education – Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking, Business Administrative, Agronomy, or other related fields;
- Experience – At least 3 years of credit management and or financial management experience in MFIs / Bank sector and / or working for an association (local or international) or Development Organization;
- Knowledge – Good understanding of Cambodia microfinance industry and the agricultural sector. Experience working with agricultural cooperatives is a plus;
- Language – high proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading, and writing;
- Computer literacy – MS office, MS Outlook, internet, and email;
- Have good interpersonal and communication skills, analytical skills, team work, and result-oriented;
- Ability to handle multiple tasks and complexities as per a number of different projects implemented at the same time;
- Ability to work independently;
- Ability to take initiative, prioritize, multi-task, and work well under pressure to meet deadlines;

Name Theary
Phone 070 960 666

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